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September 28, 2002

The Plunger Expedition

So I get home from a rather futile attempt at doing CS homework in the library, and go to throw something away in the bathroom, only to find yellow water nearly at the brink of the toilet. Freaking out, I bust out the plunger in an attempt to unclog the toilet and let the water flow down. My roommate arrives and we both attempt, but nothing we turn off the water and try to flush, but this is futile, and the level of water just rises an inch more than it was, nearly at the overflow point...20 minutes more of attempted plunging results in failure and a destroyed plunger. Plunger-less, we are forced to travel to meet other commitments. Having completed this, it's now around 10 p.m. and we are hungry as hell. We head up to Taco Bell, only to find it closed at 10 p.m. on a SATURDAY NIGHT, in a COLLEGE TOWN. DAMMIT!

So on the way home, we try Walgreens to get a plunger, only to find it closed minutes prior to our arrival. At the brink of starvation, we hit up McDonald's, get screwed by the prices, and are forced to eat while walking home. Jump in the car and go to Safeway, where the only thing we buy is a plunger, making us the laughing stock of the cashier & bag lady. Heading home, we plunge for another five minutes, finally able to piss after like eight hours. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE???


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