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May 23, 2005

Bye Bye, ResComp

With my time in Berkeley coming to a close very soon, I have had to say many goodbyes in the past few weeks to people, places, and things. Those who know me know that I'm not exactly an emotional person, and in particular, I'm not very emotional about goodbyes. I think the following email I wrote to friends and colleagues at ResComp, where I have worked the longest of any job I have held at Cal (three years in various capacities) really sums up my approach:

Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 00:09:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rohit Nafday 
Subject: The Lead is dead!  Long live the Lead!


It is with a heavy heart and both reluctance and relief that I write to
you tonight to inform you of the inevitable.  The 22nd of May, 2005, has
come and gone, and as the sun must rise towards a bright new
day filled with hope, wonder, and new and more difficult computer problems, so
must my career at ResComp set, ending what has been indubitably one of the
least healthy and most unstable periods of my life.

As of Monday, May 23rd, I will be Lead Programmer no longer, and while I
may lament the awesome power lost that I once wielded over cowering
residents across five disparate units (and also "The Village", but really,
who cares about UVA?), I will certainly not miss the sleepless nights at
RSSB (at least not much).  My successor is [redacted], former RCC, 
and the object of affection for many a (female) resident at Unit 3.  He 
will be assuming full responsibilities of the position as of today, 
which can be roughly translated as: when something is broken, don't 
call me, call him.

I will still be around in Berkeley until mid-July, indoctrinating
innocent freshman as a CalSO counselor, after which I will be
moving to San Francisco to join the nebulous and abysmal expanse known as
"corporate America."  Many thanks to all you who I have had an opportunity
to work with in the past three years--I assure you, the pleasure was all
mine.  And remember, this isn't goodbye--there will always be the



Rohit Nafday
Lead Programmer (2004-2005)
Residential Computing

So this is it—goodbye, ResComp! It's been real. I'll see you all at the next party!


Bye Bye Rohit!

*waves from corporate America* Come on over, the water's fine.

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