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August 18, 2002

Welcome to Blogger

OK. So, as you guys all know, sometimes I get mad at society, life, WHATEVER you want to call it. And when I'm mad, I tend to get rather politically incorrect. However, given recent experiences, where many people instant messaged me to tell me that I should do more posts like my now infamous poetry profile, I thought, well, I can't really get any more politically incorrect than the quotes page on my website, so might as well just openly harass, criticize, ridicule, and belittle people on my so-called weblog.

In this spirit, I would like to issue you all a not-so-warm welcome to my rants blog. If you're expecting to hear about what I did today or how I had drama with so and so, well, just remember, I'm not a loser. This will be my forum to rant about stuff I find annoying after yet another sleepless night programming in Soda Hall. So if you want a few laughs (at both my misery and what I have to say), by all means, drop by—I aim to please. I'm sure you'll find it enlightening!


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