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August 25, 2002

The Scheduling Nightmare

So freshman year, I had four 8 a.m. classes in Fall and five 8 a.m. classes in Spring. I swore to myself at the end of Spring that I would cut down on the 8 a.m. classes, and when I did scheduling (for the first time), I did. I was enrolled in Econ., EE, CS, BA, and English, so my first class was 9! NO 8 A.M. classes. But slowly, as the summer progressed, my schedule changed itself, moving more and more towards the 8 a.m. hell that I know all too well.

First I dropped Econ. & Poli. Sci. and picked up Bio., making it three 8 a.m. classes and two 11 a.m. ones...not bad, right? Well, now I've realized that I have actually no interest in pursuing a business minor that I would have to complete in less than a year, so I have really no need to take BA 10. What does this all mean? It means I need a new class, and since I have little to no chance of getting into English, I thought, hell, maybe taking that last math requirement might not be a bad idea. But wait, the only open discussion for that class is Tu Th 8-9 a.m., making my potential schedule ALL 8 A.M. classes AGAIN!! Maybe I will get lucky and get into that upper division English/Slavic class that really only majors take...majors who have really no reason to drop that course. Yeah, maybe, or maybe I will end up an emaciated wreck, weighing ten pounds less in December. Yeah, thats more like it.

On a side note, I know that listening to me must make me sound like a truly bitter person who is likely to wear Gothic clothing and bitch about how life sucks, but really, I'm not like that at all. In real life, I'm a happy, cheerful person who embraces all that life has to offer. I'm only bitter, cynical, and dark's like a character I play...


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