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August 28, 2002

The Never Ending Battle for Cleanliness

Everyone knows the fear, pain, and hardship of having to do laundry. But, I contend that my hardship is much greater than yours. Why? Well, no laundry on site, but OK, that's OK...the landlord gave us a key to the laundry room, so it's cool, right? NO! The first time I went there, I had to go through a shady, darkened gate, on the right side of the building, and all the way around the building, basically to the left side, but the only door was on the right. Cute already. Then, to get to the laundry room, it is necessary to pass through a passage that is about 5'7'' tall. Yeah, that's right, about 6'' shorter than me.

So, basically I might as well have been crawling with my laundry basket through a secret tunnel. And much to my dismay, the KEY HE GAVE US DOESN'T EVEN OPEN THE DOOR. Real cute. Go back home, and guess what, the key opens the FRONT DOOR. Great. Call the landlord, meanwhile go somewhere else to do laundry. Two weeks later, the landlord brings another key, swearing it's the right one. FINE. It's been two weeks, and it's time to do laundry again. Go again, tonight...go through the shady, dark gate. Through the tunnel to the laundry room, and the key works. WOW! Sweet. Wait, the laundry room closes in 30 minutes, and there is only one washer and one dryer. Fabulous. So, time to drag the goddamn clothes, which weigh about 800 lbs., the sloshing liquid detergent & fabric softener, and the Downy ball, ALL THE WAY BACK HOME. Not to mention, no clean clothes until Friday...if i didn't have 3 spare underwear left, I would have been forced to wash them in the sink! Further, I don't have time during the day to cut my hair, so I'm shaggy, haven't shaved in two days, haven't eaten dinner yet (thanks to work, school, etc.), and SOME RED LIGHT ON MY TELEPHONE KEEPS BLINKING!!


These archives are AMAZING.

I shall be reading and reliving.

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