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January 08, 2003

Return of PB&J

That's right. I'm back in Berkeley. The hate for life hasn't returned yet, but the crappy food (prepared by moi) has. Monday I bought cheesy sticks from West Coast and a 2L bottle of Coke. This was sufficient for dinner for two days, and I had lunch out while at work. But today, feeling guilty about having just spent $270 on a new iPod, I decided I should eat meals at home.

This required a trip to Safeway, which was surprisingly accomplished in only 40 minutes, walking! Yeah, I know, I walk really fast, but whatever. So what else is going on with me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Been reading a lot more recently, and the plan is to finish Tolstoy's Anna Karenina today, which it took me almost two weeks to read (I admit it's 800 pages and pretty dense, but I usually read the average Tom Clancy novel in a day). So far so good, so unless anything stupid happens in the last 50 pages, this book will be added to a favorites list. Next I'm planning to read another Dickens novel, such as David Copperfield or something, but we'll see if I have time for that.

Other than that, just more chores to take care of today, bank, laundry, haircut, etc. Leaving for Tahoe on Friday.

Comments and i think alike..sincerely.
I was reading a few of your blogs and i find it a funny coincidence of our names, and our personalities, and our thoughts.

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