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January 09, 2003

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Where the hell has the rain been this past week, hell, this past semester?! Well, here it comes! And I was almost beginning to forget where I live now. When I left the house, it was rather dark outside, but I decided that considering the weather forecast only a 50% chance of rain today, I wouldn't bother with carrying around an umbrella.

Bad move, as usual. Leaving work, it was raining, and I of course got wet. However, not too bad, it was only raining a bit—not that hard. After coming home, I didn't really leave the house, so I don't know if the rain has since gotten worse. I can't hear it over my bumping music.

Also, I just made the worst Mac & Cheese I have ever made! I was watching Friends, and forgot it was cooking, and the macaroni got too much water in it. It tasted really horrible. And Friends wasn't even that good either. Not cool!


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