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January 20, 2003

Rohit's Weekend In Review

All right, I'm gonna do this like Chris Berhman on ESPN. 2 Minutes. No bullshit. Friday, went to work, then to Unit Two Computing Center to test out login tracking. There from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. PCs work, Macs don't. How typical. Worse than that, I have just gotten accustomed to working till 7 p.m. on a Friday evening, and this is only my second year in college. I have only fear for what my life will be like when I get a real job. Go to Sufficient Grounds, get a really nice sandwich, go home, too tired to do anything, so just sleep pretty much.

Saturday: woke up relatively early and then cleaned the apartment that hadn't been cleaned since like November or something. Yeah...ew! Go to work, spend the next 4 hours screwing around with Macs and finally get the damn thing working. Jubilant, I go home and promptly fall asleep on my computer keyboard. Wake up around 6:15 p.m. to the phone ringing. It's my friend from biology class, and she is bored and so am I, so we go and see a movie, and then get some dinner. Hit up Starbucks, I have the best tasting coffee alternative ever: Hot Apple Cider...paid $2.30 for the smallest size, and it was worth every damn cent! Hit up a party of a semi-acquaintance and there is lots of expensive alcohol—none of that Albertson's brand vodka—ew, just thinking of that makes me wanna puke. Then go over to McDonald's, have some gross food and feel like puking, but I don't...instead I sleep and am fine.

Sunday. Wake up like around 10ish, go to like random places with Dan, including Costco, Best Buy, Office Depot, and Safeway, and then come home and eat some lunch. Get a call from Mike, and head over to La Val's to see the Raiders game in true (pseudo-)Oakland bar style. Met up with random people from the dorms and chilled till halftime. Went home, watched the rest of the game at home. Burned movies and chatted on AIM for a while, then prepped to hit up Alex's party. First get a call from friends, and so I chilled with them for a bit, and then headed over to the party. When I got there, not much was going on and I was sad because I had heard so much about these parties. Chatted for a while, then called up Arjun, but he was still in like Oakland coming home or something, so I just gave him the address of the place. Then around 11ish, the party really picked up. A lot of people from past discussions came, including Bio 1b & History 7b and others, but I can't remember...I was able to remember some names but not all, but it was all good, because I get really friendly now when I drink. Took lots of random ass pictures, but my camera was being lame and I had to keep deleting pictures to make room for new ones. Cops bust up the party at like 12 a.m., which was totally dumb, because I wasn't done partying, but oh I headed home, failed to upload pictures to my website, and instead chatted with people on AIM, though I can't remember who I talked with or what I said. Oh well...stuff happens.

Monday. Woke up at noon, and all I'm going to do today is run errands. This has been Rohit's weekend in review. Hopefully it was less than 2 minutes. I didn't keep track.


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