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February 09, 2003

Ding Dong! The Wind is Gone!

I suppose it seems rather pointless and trite to make a post about the weather recently, but having such sunny weather in the middle of February is bound to make everyone feel less depressed, and more upbeat, so I will justify my thoughts on the weather by saying, Look—it makes everyone happy. That has to do with feelings right? And who the hell said that blog entries must always be about feelings and all the depressing aspects of life in the first place? Focus on the good things in life—or pessimism will consume you and you will become as cynical as I once was.

Yes, that's right—I'm no longer cynical. I'm a happy, optimistic person who looks forward to each day. WHAT? OK, I was lying, but maybe someday I will give optimism a shot. In any case, I'm getting distracted. I was talking about the weather. Last week, it was really sunny and nice around here, but I would have rather it been rainy. Why? Well, because this was the cruelest joke of all, because in addition to being really nice and sunny, it wasn't warm and moreover, it was incredibly windy! I hate wind—not only does it make walking anywhere that much more difficult, but it also it blows pollen and other fun spring time stuff in my face, making me all sniffly and stuff. I hate that. I hate allergies.

And I don't even have serious ones. I just get sniffly and sometimes sneeze. But still, it's the worst! But today, it was really sunny out without being windy at all. A real spring day I would say, right in the middle of winter! It doesn't get much better than that really. Too bad my plan is to spend it indoors in the library writing a paper, but ah well—if I actually got to enjoy the weather, well then my life might resemble happiness, and what would be the fun in that?


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