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November 04, 2003

Monetary Contentment

Hell must have frozen over, because I seriously can't think of anything major that I want to buy. As I had said earlier, I went on a mad spending spree to end all sprees this summer and into the fall. However, since then, I have managed to keep my spending in check, only whipping out the credit card for two Mac-related purchases: an iPod case so my iPod would not get scratched up and a Waterfield laptop sleeve for my Powerbook for the same purpose. Minimal purchases, if you ask me. And nefariously useful too. What the hell is up with that? I want to buy something I don't need. A complete waste of money. Like another computer. Or another camera. Or better yet, both. Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.

But seriously. I'm gearing up for the After-Thanksgiving Sale, fiscally and mentally. Oh boy! I can just feel it! It's going to be grand. But I have to think of something I really want. Something I really don't need. Something that will be a complete waste of money. So I can look forward to it even more. But the problem is that there is nothing major on my list anymore. I guess I could have bought it all. Could this be possible? Could I have achieved monetary contentment? Worse, could the materialism that I always defined myself with be fading? This is like having an identity crisis, only worse. Because without monetary and material pleasures (of the electronic persuasion), I not only have no identity—I have no life!

I need help ASAP! I need to start browsing online catalogs. I need to figure out something I need to buy soon! None of this DVD nonsense either. That's small change. I want to buy something BIG. Please, please, please . . . tell me something I can buy. And I mean electronics. Not clothing. No one cares about that crap. And don't even try to stop me! I can't be stopped. I don't even have a problem. I can stop whenever I want to . . . .


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