Rohit's Realm - July 2004

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July 25, 2004

On Being a Gun Nut

Life's become pretty crazy and stressful in the last month, despite my attempts to have a relaxing summer break. Most of my days are now spent at either work or class, generally from 8am to 10pm. While these hours are pretty awful, I realize now that in the last few months, my unequivocal commitment to money and materialism had been waning and that something had to be done about that. Well, now I'm back earning a lot of money and being constantly tired, stressed, and angry, which is why I was quick to agree to join a few friends in taking a handgun class this month. I mean, what's better then offing a few bums when you're tired, stressed, and angry?

July 26, 2004

The Ultimate Bust

My day started out very well today, for once this month. It was a new week, I was going to be paid soon, and I had just had a great weekend. Even the prospect of having to pay bills and rent this week couldn't bring down my mood. In less than one hour, I would be enraged, disgusted, and angry at the world. Only one thing in the world can ruin someone's mood so dramatically and that is the scourge that plagues the city of Berkeley - bums!

July 31, 2004

The Unusual Antidepressant

People often ask me how I can say that I rarely, if ever, get depressed. I don't know if that's a routine question or they are insinuating that I should be more depressed than I am, but I'm just going to ignore that matter for now. Usually, I just cryptically say that I have access to an unusual antidepressant, but this has had the negative effect of bringing my emotional stability into scrutiny. To set the record straight, I'd like to explain my technique for not being depressed.

July 07, 2004

First Dates and More

After over three years of living the high life (so to speak) using Berkeley public transportation, I finally broke down and decided to bring a car up for my fourth and final year of college. So much for being cheap, right? I went home last weekend for introductions and drove back to Berkeley on Monday. Needless to say, after roughing six odd hours of holiday traffic, my car and I are much more than acquainted.