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September 12, 2006

Random Thoughts Before Sleeping

For most of past four years I have kept this blog, I have shied away from the meandering posts commonly seen on the very Xangas and Live Journals I routinely mock. However, today, I felt an urge to blog about various disparate thoughts and see no alternative to the very thesis-less entry I abhor.

In no particular order:

  • Facebook is set to remove restrictions on access in the near future, basically invalidating the one reason I choose to use that social networking site over other, more permissive sites. For me, the inherent elitism is not simply an attractive feature--it is the only reason that matters. The minute the riff raff enters is the minute I exit. At that point, I would be better off simply creating a MySpace account, making a ridiculously ugly page, and waiting for my friendly neighborhood sex predator to message me. Why do an imitation when the real deal is a few (unsecure) clicks away?
  • HP replaces Patricia Dunn with CEO as Chairman of the Board in connection with the former overseeing a leak investigation that invaded the privacy of several board members and nine journalists. There are now questions as to whether the aggressive techniques used by a subcontractor--pretexting--are illegal or not. How is it that pretexting--impersonating a user to obtain personal information--is not already illegal? Why is it OK for someone to impersonate me to get my telephone records, but not my financial ones? Another grand example of Congress in action--or should I say inaction?
  • Apple today announced that it would release a new consumer electronics device codenamed iTV in Q1 2007 that will allow one to wirelessly stream video to one's television. Considering I was thinking about purchasing a Mac Mini for the same purpose, this came as welcome news to my already heavily strained wallet. This leaves me with about 3 months to follow through on my grandiose plans to build a MythTV-enabled media server; it's about half way done as of this writing.
  • Why is it only Tuesday?

I could go on, but I've just been (rock) climbing for past two hours and I'm dead tired, so I'm going to turn my brain off now.


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