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August 27, 2007

The First Five Year Plan

August 18, 2007 marked the five year anniversary of this blog, formerly known as Rohit's Rants and Other Enlightening Thoughts (2002–2004). In a fine display of characteristic arrogance (and megalomania), I decided that instead of doing a simple tribute to commemorate this historic occasion, I would take it one (or several) steps further: I published a book, or more specifically, an anthology. Entitled The First Five Year Plan: The Best of Rohit's Realm, 2002–2007, this self-published book is a critical selection of the top ten articles in the past five years, along with my thoughts/comments about each selection often many years after the fact. The Preface and the Afterword are both original, written specifically for this publication. It is available on my personal site in both PDF and PS formats.


You published a book??? You truly are full of shit... but as a new(er) reader of the Realm, I do appreciate the chance to read older entries. And the Preface is awesome, especially with the quote about building a web site to get laid and earn money, of which neither comes true. Good job Rohit!

Rohit, your Break-Up with Reality post is so cute. I am now convinced you have a heart! Also, I found this quote to be truly poignant:

no one can make you happy if you are not happy with yourself; love and relationships can only supplement, not compensate. And if you cannot even understand that simple fact, then perhaps you deserve to go through life as you do, vainly moving from one disastrous relationship to the next, constantly seeking something from without that one can only obtain from within.

Well done!

I'm thrilled by the Acknowledgments section, though I worry that I didn't actually edit the entries themselves: now your esteemed readers will assume that I have sanctioned whatever grievous grammatical errors remain.
Also, I commend you for the unprecedented level of pretension that you have attained, not only by publishing this work, but also by announcing its publication (in effect, an "I have arrived!" statement).

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