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December 01, 2003

Intensity, Turkey, and Consumerism

This year's Thanksgiving holiday had to be one of the most intense ever! Not going back home for the first time ever; staying in the dorms and cooking turkey (well I didn't cook, Lizzy did, but I was a nuisance and got in the way); and just being around in Berkeley when no one else was all contributed to the aforementioned intensity. But, what do you mean by intense? Well, I don't know—it just was. Some things defy articulation. But that won't stop me from trying to explain.

November 05, 2007

Forever Young No More

As New Wave band Alphaville aptly (and perhaps prophetically) observed in their 1984 single Forever Young, no one likes getting older, and me the least of all. As early as 2002, I observed that there was likely nothing worse than having to do [menial tasks associated with adulthood] for the rest of my life. (The notable exception to this rule, of course, are children, but given their ignorance of the patent meaninglessness of life, and moreover, the years of heart-breaking disappointments, soul-crushing existential angst, hope-extinguishing failures, and daily flirtations with suicide that inevitably await them, one can hardly fault their enthusiasm.)

Though as a society we presume certain ages when one can be considered old, or perhaps, older (e.g., 18 for sex, 21 for drinking, 30 for [first] marriage, 40 for mid-life crisis/divorce, 65 for senior discounts, etc.), most people likely possess their own individual notions of when they will personally cross the threshold from the joys of youth to the decrepitude of old age. For me, that transition occurred last week—Saturday, October 27, 2007, to be precise. I was barely 24 years old. [...]