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August 20, 2002


Can anyone really think of anything worse? I just spent 4 hours trying to remember where in the HELL I spent $10 between July 6th and July 8th (as I had starting and ending balances, but a discrepancy in the amounts), only to realize I had added the first balance wrong and in fact my checkbook was really balanced all along. I am a majoring in electrical engineering & computer science, otherwise know as a major in pound me in the ass mathematics, and yet I cannot balance my checkbook or even add correctly, even while using a calculator.

I really cannot imagine anything worse than having to do this for the rest of my life, with the possible exception of when I graduate from college and my dad expects me to do my taxes and stuff...I think I will have to take off starting April 1st just to meet the April 15th deadline, and even then, I will probably be audited, indicted, tried, and sent to minimum security prison—all because I didn't realize that 30 - 20 is in fact 10, and NOT 20...

... On another note, as you all might have read in my profile earlier this week: Is there any functioning dryer in Berkeley? Or are they all just large metal canisters that make tumbling sounds and leave your clothes soaked to the core? Well...I did my laundry on Friday night, and today, Monday, my clothes are still wet...yeah, and you guys wonder why I am bitter.


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