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September 10, 2002

The Worst Day Ever

(Well, not really, but it sucked!) So, I woke up today, feeling really tired, sick, and feverish. I didn't want to go to math discussion at 8 a.m. because it is usually entirely useless. But then, I remembered, I postponed reading my bio lab until today because I felt tired and sick on Monday night too. So, I went to math discussion (and it was fairly useless), and then went to the library to read the bio lab and do the pre-lab activities. Little did I realize that it was waiting to pounce, as the lab turned out to be FIFTY pages of reading, and took over an hour.

September 20, 2002

I Hate Mathematicians

It's Thursday morning...what does that mean? MATH QUIZ at 8 a.m.—one that counts. So I got my ass out of bed and crawled up a mountain rivaling Everest to Etcheverry Hall at 8 a.m. yesterday morning. No GSI is there, so basically the class and I engaged in a group masturbatory event while waiting for the GSI to show up with the quiz. He final does, at 8:30 a.m., and announces the good news: NO QUIZ today...the professor forgot to write one.

September 02, 2002

Hot as Hell

I shouldn't complain. days only come once in a blue moon in Berkeley, and I know that in a few days, we will return to miserable, cold, rainy days. And it's not like I'm not enjoying the glorious sunshine, and the ability to wear shorts three days in a row. But still, it's TOO hot here right now!

September 11, 2002

Pac Bell Is Dumb

Good for Pac Bell. We set up TWO phone lines on August line started working September 9th. Yes, that is OVER a month of payment without service. Without even a goddamn line running into the apartment. But wait, Pac Bell isn't responsible for the line working...oh no, them being the TELEPHONE company, they just make sure the line has dial tone...somewhere...could be the sewer or in France. Somewhere a dirty rat or a smelly turd are conversing with long lost family over satellite, digital communication systems. As long as the dial tone is there, they have done their job. I was told this repeatedly by the 15 or so repair technicians we had to bring out to solve the problem. The problem being, there was no line in the house, but they told us our house was equipped for two phone lines. Yes, I know...WTF??? The guy finally came out on Monday, but he was there to do a installation, as if what we had done a month earlier was just nothing...we paid the installation/activation FEES but wait, that doesn't mean we actually have phone service...the guy has to come out again one month later, dick around for 5 hours, and then charge a $125 to run a line from the box to the other side of the house...and then to top it all of, I have gotten like 10 phone calls from people looking for everyone from Jeff to Carol to Wheeler Street to the goddamn Queen of England...I guess Pac Bell canceled someone's line, and within minutes, gave me that phone number, so now i get the added bonus of fielding wrong numbers...does it get any better?? Just wait for the story about AT&T Cable Internet and TV!

September 28, 2002

The Plunger Expedition

So I get home from a rather futile attempt at doing CS homework in the library, and go to throw something away in the bathroom, only to find yellow water nearly at the brink of the toilet. Freaking out, I bust out the plunger in an attempt to unclog the toilet and let the water flow down. My roommate arrives and we both attempt, but nothing we turn off the water and try to flush, but this is futile, and the level of water just rises an inch more than it was, nearly at the overflow point...20 minutes more of attempted plunging results in failure and a destroyed plunger. Plunger-less, we are forced to travel to meet other commitments. Having completed this, it's now around 10 p.m. and we are hungry as hell. We head up to Taco Bell, only to find it closed at 10 p.m. on a SATURDAY NIGHT, in a COLLEGE TOWN. DAMMIT!

September 29, 2002

Something Is Very Wrong

Nothing is working right now. Looks like I might have hard disk failure on one of my computers. And then there is the printer straight out of Office Space that never works. Not to mention the power failing over and over again, causing my UNIX machine to get file system errors. This doesn't include the headphones that play in one ear only, the speakers that make weird noises late at night, and the monitor that gets white lines every once in a while. Then Outlook crashes and reboots my computer when I attempt to delete a message. Wireless works only when I stand near the bed, but not when I stand near the dresser and NFS never works at all. The wireless card won't work with FreeBSD because of system incompatibilities. SP1 on WinXP seems to be causing instability, Microsoft Office doesn't work anymore, and I have no time to deal with any of it, because I have a Bio midterm tomorrow. FINALLY, best of all, the blogger seems to be messing up my archives, in that it's deleting them. WHAT?! Good for all this. So what does EECS really teach you?? How to fix computers?? Of course not, it just makes you more aware of the futility of attempting such a task.