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October 01, 2002

Sell Out

You know, this blogging thing is kind of addictive. I never kept a journal, for many reason, including, but not limited to:

  1. I am not a fan of doing work (i.e., writing) when no one will read it;
  2. I'm not into expressing my feelings,; and
  3. I'm not one of those bitchy (a.k.a. sensitive), whiny guys who pretend to be in touch with their feminine side in order to look appealing to girls (because that's just pathetic!!), etc., etc.

However, this blog has become a somewhat journal-like entity, considering I write in it (point #1), I read it (point #2), and a limited number of OTHER people read it. The only thing that is missing for my metamorphosis into whiny sensitivity is if I were to complain and whine about relationships and girls, and perhaps post my inner thoughts and feelings, or better yet, just post lyrics to my favorite boy band song...but wait! I haven't gotten to that point yet! If I do, I license someone to just kill me because by that time, I'll be too much of a loser to live on.

So what we have here, is just my way to communicate what's going on with me, without being a stupid idiot. Not to mention, like most people know, I am dead inside and have no inner thoughts and feelings so that shouldn't really be a problem.

Anyway, having given that disclaimer, let me describe what is going on right now and the loss of bitterness I mentioned in the previous entry (for those of you who are regular readers, I suggest you get a life and not read my blog so often). I have attributed this change in my attitude to a distinct change in the weather. Earlier last week, we (my roommates and I) had suspected the arrival of the so-called bad time where it is drizzly, cloudy, murky, and dark all day. However, this week turned out to be a pleasant surprise, in that the weather has been nice (i.e., not too hot, not too cold). I really enjoy this weather (classic autumn weather) and fall is definitely my favorite season, so this is how I explain my general tolerant (if not happy) mood. Also, things seem to be looking up in the bitter classes: EE is getting more interesting (it's not reviewing physics anymore); Bio lab is still lame, but my partner stopped being clumsy and is OK to hang out with; my math class still sucks but is tolerable because i can just ridicule it with friends; and my CS class is very interesting. I like my new job and my old job is not bad, now that I'm not working like 20 hours/week. Finally, the 49ers are doing alright, which is always good. Now if we could just stop losing close football games, I think I would be entirely happy.


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