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December 10, 2002

EE 40 is the Worst!

I need to print out the revised version of my EE 40 Lecture #20 notes again, because, well, that class sucks and half the lecture notes are wrong. Digressing from the main point, let me say that I completed all my homework for last week using Lecture #22 notes, only to find out a few hours later that everything in Lecture #22 was just wrong and that in Lecture #24 the professor said, and I quote: We are re-doing propagation delay today. Feel free to forget everything from last time!

Well that's just fine & dandy. Now, I went to both lectures, but I didn't memorize the equations the professor presented either time, so how the hell was I supposed to know that the ones I was looking at in Lecture #22 were revised in Lecture #24. So all the equations I used for that ridiculous plug & chug homework that utilized no concepts other than you're ability to read the equations and use a graphing calculator were just wrong. Cute. This class is so aggravatingly disorganized. I don't think I'm giving the material a fair chance because the dynamic of the class is such crap.

Anyway, back to printing. I have to reprint the Lecture #20 notes. But my printer only has one sheet left in it. I have tons of paper so I could load my printer with more. But the problem is, it's buried under a pile of computer junk. You know me. I have TONS of extraneous hardware always lying around and now it's come and bitten me in the ass because I can't access the printer paper without moving all of that stuff. Guess printing lecture notes is just going to have to wait until tomorrow when I can go to campus (or rather the Computing Center) and print on a laser printer.

Maybe if I weren't so damn lazy—nah, let's not ponder the incongruous details of life.


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