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December 30, 2002

Adventures In London (And Neighboring Areas)

24 Dec 02 :: 1200 – 30 Dec 02 :: 1800

Day 1

  • Left LAX uneventfully, arriving at London Heathrow in 10 hours, on Christmas Day. Everything in London was closed. Forced to pay 50 pounds (1.72 dollars / pound) for taxi to hotel.

Day 2

  • Attempt at sightseeing fails as something called Boxing Day means everything in London is once again CLOSED. What the hell is Boxing Day, anyway? I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone in the whole goddamn city. Seems pretty convenient that it's the day after Christmas too. And only Britain and Canada celebrate it, apparently.
  • Saw Westminster Abbey, British Parliament, and Big Ben.
  • Ate shitty lunch at McDonalds. Food in Britain is expensive and not as good as food in America.

Day 3

  • St. Paul's Cathedral, London Tower Bridge, National Art Gallery.

Day 4:

  • British Museum, Oxford St. Shopping Centre (worse than South Coast!), Mark & Spencer, Selfridges, Harrod's. Worst day ever because I hate shopping!

Day 5

  • Bath and Stonehenge

All in all, a pretty good trip with no major disasters of any sort. However, it was also rather tiring and not much of a vacation, but I did see all the sights. Also, I was able to get my mind off school and work for a bit, which I really, really needed to do. I'm glad I got the opportunity to go on this trip.


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