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February 15, 2003

Bored To Sleep

Last night would have been a big bust, but I wasn't really expecting much, so it was no big deal. The only thing that makes me mad is that I had to pay to get in to Cloyne (a coop), and then nothing happened, so I just ended up hanging out with other people. I might as well have not gone, and just chilled with the others the entire night, but I wanted to check it out because of multiple recommendations. Oh well, considering the amount of work for school I want to get done, and the other stuff I want to do (for fun), it's probably a good thing that the party last night didn't end up going on until 3 a.m., because then I would have inevitably ended up waking up at 3 p.m., and then I wouldn't be able to do anything today.

Today's been dark and even, dare I say, depressing all day. I hate it when it gets overcast—I'd rather have rain, because I even like the rain now. But I don't like random dark days where you have to put on the light at like 2 p.m. That's lame! My plan for today is probably to work on my computers for a while and maybe even install FreeBSD on my desktop. Not go completely BSD yet, because I have to admit that Windows does have some advantages. But I just think having a desktop environment of FreeBSD might be better in many ways. I think I will try it out for maybe a week, and if after that I think I can do everything in BSD that I could in windows, then I will start moving my songs and other data over to the BSD hard drive. In any case, my laptop is still dual boot, so it's not like I'm eliminating Windows all together.


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