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May 04, 2004

Redefining Romance

Despite all the social, political, and economic differences that may divide the countless different groups of people that inhabit this planet, there seems to be one cultural obsession that unifies humanity: the concept of love. Literature, television shows, movies, plays - stories of any type in any culture - almost always incorporate some stupid love story in them! If you think about it, we live in a very love-centric world. Well, what about that other great, powerful emotion: hate? In my opinion, it has been denied proper attention due to a collectively irrational obsession with love over the past few millenia of human civilization. But that ends today. Imagine with me, if you will, a world where falling in hate was just as anecdotally substantive as falling in love.

In my opinion, the process of falling in hate with someone is just as interesting as falling in love, if not more so, and it's truly appalling why more people don't write narratives on how their relationships of hate mature. Think about the stages that the process may follow - they are probably very similar to those of falling in love (although I can't really attest to having experienced either). More importantly, think about the potential of opening up culture and the arts to this new theme!

For starters, you could have all kinds of new stories that simply document the maturation of a relationship - your classic love hate stories. Let's not forget the 98% of all other stories that focus on love triangles (quadrangles, pentagons, etc.), which could be co-opted into stories of hate. Here's an example story: say I hate someone but she really hates my best friend. Now I'm despondent, because she doesn't hate me as much as she hates my friend, so I spend the rest of the plot trying to make her hate me more. Same drama, but much more entertaining and much less hackneyed! Then, when the poets get involved, you could have all kinds of angst-ridden nonsense about how she doesn't hate me (at all, enough, anymore, etc.). Can you imagine a day when students in Brit lit. have to compare and contrast Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? to Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter's Night?? I can! I live for that day!

The opportunities for expansion in literature are boundless, but even more interesting would be if they made hate a social institution. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to unify this couple in hatred .... And considering how dysfunctional American society is, pretty soon people who united in hatred will want to get a divorce, since they don't hate each other anymore. What does this mean? Well, more lawyers to handle the proceedings, and if that doesn't promote hatred, I don't know what will. If all goes well, perhaps even our conception of romance will begin to change. Maybe in the future, romance could entail a prolonged period of bullshit involving either love or hate. I can only hope. ˇViva la Revolución!


Rohit- you make baby jesus cry. I think all you need is a good, long hug. Just dont look to me for it.

The whole concept of needing a hug is part of the love-centric view of the world! Open yourself up! Break out of the inane focus on love and embrace the hate!

do you love me? <3 <3

i am in the rcc because my laptop is sick and i am wasting time because there is a waiting list for the computers and i feel that i must take up as much resources as possible and make life that much harder for everyone else... simply because i can. he he he!

I hope you aren't talking about hating me. I am so in love with you. Was your post a sign letting me know you love me too?

Dude! Everyone's computer seems to be sick these days! It's reached epidemic status! Waste those CC resources! And no, my post about hate was not a way of letting you know that I love you, Karen Z!

In that case Rohit, I HATE YOU so much.

"needing a hug" a hug may be part of the love-centric view of the world according to rohit, but it has a more fundamental, developmental, biological basis in that physical contact (i.e. hugging/embracing) is the quickest way to calm a distressed child (i guess it mimics the comfortable womb). i extend this theory to adults as well, we just don't want to admit it and/or are not conscious of it. this webpage drips of cynicism, but don't worry, i'm one of the ultimate cynics. there actually is quite a few pieces of literature discussing hatred. one of the themes i read about was how much effort was required to hate, yet so little to love.

further, i'd theorize most of humanity is inherently optimistic and would rather hear about love which is more pleasant to the ears and eyes than hate....i also theorize we have enough hate in this world and actually are in a dearth of love as rohit demonstrates with the dysfunctionality of American society

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