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May 11, 2004

QED, But Not Really

Today was the last day of instruction, effectively ending my third year at Berkeley. QED. Quod erat demonstrandum. That which was to have been proved. But not really. With four finals and one entire year of school still pending, and a completely uncertain future ahead, I'd say nothing has really been proven yet.

In case you guys haven't figured out yet, I don't react particularly well to change. Just look at my rambling last year. So once again, the end of the school year finds me lamenting the inevitable changes that lie ahead. I'm leaving the dorms, back to the miseries of apartment life, but it really hasn't sunk in yet. Maybe it won't be that bad next year. (Yeah right). Truthfully, I'm actually even semi-excited about it. It'll be nice not being on duty.

Less reconcilable is the fact that a lot of people are graduating this year. Sure, people I knew graduated last year too, but the exodus is much more pronounced this year. More scary is the fact that graduating and working seems less scary to me now than it did a year ago. More feasible. More acceptable. Ew! Getting old! I think that has more to do with me just being over school, more than anything else. The thought of more school makes me want to cry at this point. So does the prospect of no more school though. I'm so messed up! I seriously don't want to do anything. Vincent suggested pursuing a life of crime. I'm thinking about it. I mean, only stupid thiefs get caught, right? And I'm not that stupid. I bet I could get away with it. We'll see.

All criminal activity aside, I'm definitely looking forward to summer. Taking one softcore class and working part time. Should be fun. Get caught up on sleep, X-Files DVDs, and for-fun reading. I can't wait! But before that happens, still got two weeks of BS left. Guess I should get to studying, right? All in due time.


So, Mr. Nafday...have we "freshman types" been a bother this year...I mean the honeymoon never really ended so we couldnt't have been all that bad.

Haha. You're right. Y'all never gave me any shit. I would definitely spend another year of dealing with freshman types than with cooking for myself! But, alas - it is not to be. C'est la vie.

So...decided to join the rank of non-returners? Yeah me too. What happened Rohit? I thought you were gonna do it!! Well whatever...yay no duty! Nice CDA pictures too. I see you did some community development for me...considering those are some of my residents. HAHAHA

Oh yes...and btw, I win:
Zully Fung Chan, Your ideal job is a Satan.

I thought you were gonna do it! Guess since I'm a God, we are diametrically opposed. I'll see you on the battle field!

You know, you're only a criminal if you get caught. I'm telling you... that's where the money's at. I'd rather be a drug lord than a programmer. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't be posting this on the web...

rohit! i would love you, even if you became a criminal!

The working world isn't that bad, dude. Top five things that are great about the working world that suck about college:

  • You finally have enough money to do whatever you want

  • Not being constantly graded

  • No homework, so when work time is over, you're done for the day, and you have the whole weekend to screw around

  • Free gourmet breakfast, lunch, drinner, coffee and snacks. Free powerbook. Offsite trips to paintball, and the SC boardwalk. Foosball, ping-pong and billiards at work. Free shuttle to and from work.

Although I guess that last one is Google-specific.

And number five: counting is not important!

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