Rohit's Realm - November 2004

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November 07, 2004

Dysfunctional Living

Probably one of the most prevalent and pervasive themes of my life in the last three years is my complete and utter inability to function in any normal capacity in the so called real world. Sitting in this pigsty of half unpacked boxes, dirty laundry, and garbage, surrounded by stacks of pizza boxes, random computer parts, whirring electronic equipment, and a stolen Unit 3 cart that continues to function as a makeshift table / ironing board / repository of garbage, I realize that something is very wrong with my life. I guess any of the unfortunate folks who have had the displeasure of seeing my place could have told you that, but I finally admit it. I need help - in a major way.

November 21, 2004

The Big Game and Beyond

Considering that this year's Bonfire Rally and Big Game would be my last as an undergraduate at Cal, I had been weary in the weeks past about getting uncharacteristically emotional and depressed after the excitement had worn off. This may seem silly to some, for whom football was never particularly important, but for me, Cal football and our tremendous turn around from the awful 1-10 season freshman year to the nearly undefeated run this year really represents a heavily ingrained part of my college experience - one which I will probably remember long after the lingering memories of classes, professors, and education have subsided.

November 27, 2004

Pretty in Pink

The enigmatic and ostentatious world of high fashion, a hopeless labyrinth of contradiction and confusion, has never been one that I delved in too deeply. I am a person who firmly understands my own limitations and my comprehension of fashion does not range much beyond picking shirts and pants that somewhat match. Nevertheless, given that the worlds of high fashion and incorrigible posers frequently intersect and I am firmly committed to outing, ridiculing, and destroying posers everywhere, I must reluctantly enter the chaos from time to time in order to make a point.

November 04, 2004

Better Dead Than Red

Almost two days after the momentous 2004 Presidential Election and its fateful result, I'm still fighting a pervasive sense of disbelief and confusion. What? Are you serious? How could this be?