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July 20, 2006

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

Popularity. The quality of being well-liked or admired. A nearly universal human impulse, if you ask me. I mean, even hipsters, scenesters, Goths, and all kinds of other counterculture assholes rely on popularity to define their internal social structures. The only difference between them and the yuppie assholes is their delusional belief that they are in fact different from the rest of society. But that's a different discussion altogether.

Now, most of you were probably expecting this post to be the follow up to my last post about how I purged iPhoto from my life. Unfortunately, something came up today that forced me to post out of sequence: I became the most popular Rohit in the world! More accurately, I became the most popular rohit in the world. How could this be? How could I know? And most importantly, why today?

Well, as I had discussed previously in the declaration of my romantic quest last year, I have been steadily climbing in the Google search results for the term 'rohit.' As of this writing, I am the second most popular 'rohit' as defined by Google. So, then on what basis can I claim that I am the most popular?

Well, today Google Labs released a new accessible search, designed to identify and prioritize search results that are more easily usable by blind and visually impaired users, and guess what? I am the most accessible rohit! Finally! The title of Most Popular Rohit™ is mine! Finally, all those days of slaving over W3C standards has paid off, despite the considerable hurdles posed by substandard broken technologies. Victory is mine, at least for the time being.

OK, enough narcissistic rambling. But seriously. Check out the accessible search and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. I think it's a commendable goal to make web content accessible to everyone, regardless of their perceived abilities or disabilities. An added bonus would be that web sites would actually work on my BlackBerry, not to mention on browsers other than IE. Maybe someone should try telling that to the bastards who only make IE-compatible web sites. Then again, I can think of other things I would like to say to those assholes. I'm sure you can imagine.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the title is French for: The King is dead. Long live the King! (I liked the play on the word roi.)


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