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November 22, 2006

Nerdy, Sexy, Cool

I realize that for most folks who have not had the distinct displeasure of making my acquaintance this might come as a huge surprise, but in the interest of honesty and openness, let me make something very clear: I am a nerd. And not just any garden variety (computer) nerd, either. Take any inane, uninteresting, moribund subject unlikely to win the favor of (attractive) women anywhere, and I have likely discussed it (at great length) in a party setting. Yet, despite this rather tragic disposition towards nerdiness, there is one staple of the quintessential geek that I had always shunned: the nerdy pick-up line. That is, until yesterday.

Why is it that until yesterday I was willing to discuss the economic implications of the belle epoc in a bar (with attractive women within earshot, mind you), and yet, could not venture a simply, sly comment about being a derivative lying tangent to curves? Was it fear? Shame? Embarrassment? No, it couldn't be—if that were the case, would favorite amino acids be a party conversation? (Yes, it happened at a party. Sorry Cody.) Clearly not!

No, the real reason for my not having ever asked a woman about her resonance frequency is simple: I've never understood the point of coming up with pick-up lines, nerdy or not. I mean, does anyone actually use them? And if so, does anyone actually ever receive a response so as to encourage their reuse? I suppose that given the prevalence of the format in popular culture, it would be safe to assume that there are legions of sleazy, gold-chain-wearing, hairy-chested guys out there preying on teenage girls with corny pick-up lines, but I, for one, have never witnessed it (I guess I didn't spend enough time in Miami). So, then, why the sudden change of heart yesterday?

Simple. While responding to a message on Facebook last night (and by that, I mean, stalking people I have never met), I discovered what had to be the funniest pick-up line I've ever heard in the form of a Facebook group. Now it suddenly all made sense. I finally understood why someone might use a nerdy pick-up line. Moreover, I realized why someone might respond to one.

So, does this mean I'll be making references to unzipping genes anytime soon? No. As you all know, I prefer sleaze in closing, rather than in opening. But, you better believe the first woman to use it on me will be the next stop in my romantic quest. Nerdy, sexy, cool. So. Hot.1

1 Sorry Jenna.


yay a post!

i'm quite curious as to what you think about this book "the game" by neil strauss. it begins with a how-to for becoming a "pickup artist", as well as the auteur's own journey into the world of picking up women and ultimately finding himself empty. it's an entertaining read, and if you've ever read rolling stone, chances are you've read some of his interviews; he's a phenomenally engaging pop writer.
not to mention, the book looks wicked cool on a bookshelf.
needless to say, although i still find the use of pickup lines and other tactics abhorrable, the novel gives a vivid display of how they work and the strategies men employ to succeed. and it makes for great conversation!

I just invite them back to my yacht to share a bottle of Dom. And by yacht, I mean paper boat.

That pick-up line is so nerdy! It seems that pick up lines aren't as useful because many of them just seem corny.

and by Dom, you mean post-expiration date treetop.

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