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July 11, 2007

Sharing is Caring

To give lazy (but loyal) readers a much needed summer vacation from my irrational (and increasingly verbose) ranting and raving, I thought I would instead share two blogs that have very quickly become some of my favorites on the proverbial World Wide Web, both courtesy of my fellow blogger-in-arms (and latest resident of Deutschland, a.k.a., the Federal Republic of Germany).

The first is MetroDad, authored by a mid-30s New Yorker who blogs about, of all things, fatherhood. Now, recent admissions aside, the prospect of having children (even those I do not interact with until age 10) remains deeply frightening. In fact, just writing about it now makes me antsy and nervous. So, ostensibly, this site should have no relevance to me whatsoever, not to even mention become one of my favorites. The key here is that though the blog may be about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, the author manages (the quite difficult feat) of simultaneously demonstrating unwavering adoration for his child and pointing out the idiotic things that children necessarily do; the social commentary on corporate parents is strictly a bonus. I can only hope that when I am forced to bite the bullet and talk to my children (whether that is at age 0 or age 10 is likely dependent on the missus), I will retain the humor and wit to continue writing on Realm.

The second site is Hot Chicks with Douchebags, which, interestingly enough, has photos of hot chicks with douchebags, along with excellent commentary. Now, the premise of this blog alone would usually make it one of my favorites, but I view this site with the same cognitive dissonance that most idiots likely feel for their addiction to American Idol, or the like. Without a doubt, as someone who has done his fair share of assailing douchebags, I enjoy the fact that these assholes are being publicly ridiculed. At the same time, however, the fact that so many hot women seem to flock to these jerk-offs makes me kind of angry—why must the world be so unfair? Finally, though it's a fair assumption that I possess no parental instinct whatsoever (as discussed above), seeing this site makes me worry immensely for any and all of my unborn daughters, and wonder, what can I do as a father to make sure that these douchebags are kept at bay, assuming, of course, that buying a gun and a shovel, and following them around is not a valid option (again, it will probably depend on the missus).

In any case, I hope you enjoy these two sites. Your regularly scheduled existential angst and cynicism will resume shortly.


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