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November 25, 2007

FeedBurner and Related Minutiae

It is astonishing how much I can accomplish with respect to this website when I have much to do in my so-called real life. And with first quarter finals less than two weeks away, the trend continues unabated.

First and foremost, for those of you who have discovered what may be the next best thing since Al Gore invented the Internet, i.e., web feeds and readers, I have finally decided to put my hitherto neglected FeedBurner feed into use. Please update your subscriptions accordingly. The old feeds will still work for the time being, but I may pull them down at some point; consider them on notice for end-of-life.

Second, and perhaps, less critically, those of you who do not consume the entirety of this site via its Atom feed (or do not even know what that means), might have noticed some minor visual changes. In particular, I altered my main page and month/day archive templates to display only a summary of each article; this should decrease load time, and also, make for quicker browsing. Look for more of these sorts of enhancements in the month to come.

Finally, given the proximity to finals, expect posting frequency to drop over the next couple weeks. Or, in the alternative, for it to increase dramatically, followed by an announcement of my withdrawal from law school due to insufficiency of first quarter grades. Something has got to give. Hopefully it is not my future.


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