Rohit's Realm - September 2008

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September 21, 2008

Window Seats, Shocking Feats

Apologies, dear readers, for my extended absence from the wonderful world of worthless blogging. Between the loathsome task of moving (which I alluded to earlier), the soul-crushing work associated with legal journal membership, and the angst-inducing experience of on-campus interviewing (of which, more later), I have hardly found the time to sleep or eat, let alone spew incoherent vitriol for the disaffected readership of this most meaningless of blogs. Rest assured, however, that my three-week hiatus does not mark the end of the venerable Realm, merely a brief respite from the pursuit of nothingness that continues to serve as its purpose.

September 27, 2008


With so much going on in the past two weeks in the worlds of politics and finance, what with capitalism coming to a grinding halt and super-geriatric McCain single-handedly swooping in to rescue us from a cohort of spendthrift, earmarking incompetents who fundamentally do not understand the economy (whoops, did I jump the gun on Monday morning's headline on Fox News?), the consummate news junkie in me has been quite remiss to have been stuck in callback interviews all day, thus cut off from both my computer and my CrackBerry™. The last I ventured into this mess was November of 2007, when I argued that at least some responsibility for the meltdown must remain with those at the bottom of the pyramid of lies that took on loans larger than they could afford. The events of the last two weeks confirm that the banks deserve much more of the blame for enabling those liars and fools.

While there is much to discuss this week between the first presidential debate last night, the ongoing negotiations (subscription required) in Washington, DC over the Administration's proposed $700 billion bailout,1 and the sad death of legendary actor Paul Newman, I would like to focus on a death of another kind this week, that of my beloved bank of nearly ten years, Washington Mutual.