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December 19, 2009

Forgotten Memories

Eiffel Tower at Night

The Eiffel Tower at Night
January 2007

Having just finished another grueling quarter of law school (my third to last!), I once again found myself this week at my parents' home in OC with time on my hands to turn attention to the shattered remains of my personal life. High on my list of things to do was uploading photographs from my trip to Japan this summer—a necessary, but tedious job by any account.

Though I love shooting photos as I travel, I am notoriously bad at ever processing those photos once I have shot them. The set from the Japan trip was looming especially large on the horizon in terms of tedium as I had shot the entire trip in RAW mode (after I tried it a year or so back, I haven't been able to go back!), meaning an additional step in my work flow of processing each individual photograph for white balance, contrast, and the like. Doing that for some two hundred photos shot over six days would be no joke.

But what's the point of shooting photographs if they are destined to lie in some musty temporary directory on my fileserver forever, right? So, I steadied myself and logged on: traversing through that temp directory filled with random photos and other images, I made a horrifying discovery:

December 22, 2009

Year in Review, 2009

And just like that, dear readers, another decade comes to a close. What have you accomplished in the ten years that have passed since the prospect of computer-induced annihilation reined supreme? What have I? The answer to the latter question is as simple as it is dismal: nothing. I imagine the answer to the former question is similarly dour, but I shall dwell on that not.

In the spirit of the Y2K catastrophe that never elapsed, however, I have again issued a holiday card—my fifth to date—to commemorate the singular misfortune of my continued existence that the world yet again had to bear in the year just passed.

Those for whom I have a valid e-mail address should have received a link earlier tonight. For all the rest, the card is available here. May you experience no more failure or futility in the year that follows than the year that has passed. Happy holidays.