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April 17, 2011

Boston and Back

Fenway Park, April 2011
Fenway Park
April 2011

Back in the luminous days of 1524 SF, there was a common phrase deployed by the house (as we called our collective unit) whenever any member proposed an idea or activity: idiotic or genius? And as might be expected out of a collection of maladjusted twenty-something miscreants, the ratio of genius ideas to idiotic ones tended to hover around 1:10, as judged by the house. As assessed by normal folks, I would imagine the ratio was closer to 0:∞. Some things don't change.

A few weeks back, G-Unit, a former 1524er now also in New York City, asked if I wanted to go up to Boston to watch a Red Sox game for which he had a few tickets. I liked the idea: I had never been to Fenway Park, and getting out of the rat race in New York for a weekend seemed like a good idea. I agreed to go. But as we approached closer to the planned trip, it began to become clear that I could not commit to the whole weekend (largely for work reasons). And there was born an idea that would again test our judgment of genius and idiocy: travel to Boston and back in one day solely to watch a game at Fenway Park.