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January 05, 2003

Hackers and Con Artists

Read an interesting article in The New York Times today, which is delivered to my email box on a daily basis, comparing Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can to modern hackers. Read it if you have the time or inclination (and a registration to the NYTimes site).

Of course, hackers may have another, less mythological reason for embracing Mr. Abagnale as one of their own. In the movie, at least, he is an infallibly successful seducer of women—a particular sort of con at which the stereotypically male hacker is proverbially inept.

In other news, I'm headed back up to Berkeley tomorrow, so today was my last day at home for at least (I hope) three months, until Spring Break. Hopefully, I can get all my stuff for work done in a day, and then chill (watch movies & TV, read, and sleep) before school starts, which is on Jan 21st. Of course, I'm going to be there ALL by myself for like a week, so that will suck, but what can you do? Work is work, right?

Oh yeah, and the 49ers beat the Giants, coming back after being down 38-14 to win 39-38. How cool is that?! I LOVE THE 49ers!


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