Rohit's Realm - January 2003

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January 29, 2003

A Poetic Rejection!

I was reading Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin for my English class today, and first of all, I would like to say that this is truly an awesome undertaking by the author. The entire novel is in verse, that actually rhymes and stuff! Thinking about it further, I realized that it rhymes when I'm reading it in English and has a flow, much like other poems. But it wasn't written in English! Thus, whoever translated it from Russian even emulated Pushkin's rhyming verse. Pretty awesome. I haven't been this impressed with a novel since reading The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner. Anyway, check out a this excerpt:

January 21, 2003

First Impressions (Take One)

Below are my first impressions for my classes this semester.

January 04, 2003

You're Shitting Me!

I just had a thought that I think I should share, lest I forget it; I walked into the bathroom to take a piss. Now, I know what you're thinking: what good could come out of this train of thought? Bear with me. As I was walking my pants brushed up against the wall and my cell phone bumped. Then I started thinking, what if I were taking a shit, and my cell phone was in my pant pocket and it rang. What would I do? Would I answer it and talk while shitting? Would I let it ring obnoxiously until I was forced to throw it in the sink? Or would I just turn it off? I think I would just turn it off. But then I thought, what would others do? Would they do the same, or would they answer it? Then I thought: have I ever spoken to anyone while they were taking a dump? It's a very interesting question. Guess I'll never speak to anyone again without wondering: is this person taking a shit while carrying on a conversation with me?

January 03, 2003

Winter Break 2002 Review

So, I'm back, with another report of how my Winter Break is coming along. Haven't done much this week, since returning from London. Went and saw the Clipper-76er game on New Year's Eve, and then ended up missing the party some of my other friends had, so I didn't do much that night except chat with others who had an equally unexciting (un-intoxicated) New Year's experience.

January 22, 2003

First Impressions (Take Two)

Below are the remainder of my first impressions for my classes this semester.

January 05, 2003

Welcome Back, To Hell

I'm going back to school on Monday. I've been dreading this day and thought all week. The knowledge of having to go back to school: back to the lack of sleep, to the horrible cooking, eating out everyday BECAUSE of horrible cooking, the hate for life, the loss of weight, the...too much to talk about.

January 09, 2003

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Where the hell has the rain been this past week, hell, this past semester?! Well, here it comes! And I was almost beginning to forget where I live now. When I left the house, it was rather dark outside, but I decided that considering the weather forecast only a 50% chance of rain today, I wouldn't bother with carrying around an umbrella.

January 05, 2003

Hackers and Con Artists

I read an interesting article in The New York Times today, which is delivered to my email box on a daily basis, comparing Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can to modern hackers. Read it if you have the time or inclination (and a registration to the N.Y. Times site).

January 08, 2003

Return of PB&J

That's right. I'm back in Berkeley. The hate for life hasn't returned yet, but the crappy food (prepared by moi) has. Monday I bought cheesy sticks from West Coast and a 2L bottle of Coke. This was sufficient for dinner for two days, and I had lunch out while at work. But today, feeling guilty about having just spent $270 on a new iPod, I decided I should eat meals at home.

January 13, 2003

Snowboarding Adventures

I have triumphantly returned from my mountain adventure, having fallen on my ass more times than need mentioning. My ass & hands are incredibly sore, as is probably the rest of my body, if I could feel it. However, my trip to Lake Tahoe all in all went very well. There were no serious problems or mishaps, I returned in one piece, and it was very relaxing being away from everything for a couple of days. Thus, fun was had both on and off the mountain slopes.

January 20, 2003

Rohit's Weekend In Review

All right, I'm gonna do this like Chris Berhman on ESPN. 2 Minutes. No bullshit. Friday, went to work, then to Unit Two Computing Center to test out login tracking. There from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. PCs work, Macs don't. How typical. Worse than that, I have just gotten accustomed to working till 7 p.m. on a Friday evening, and this is only my second year in college. I have only fear for what my life will be like when I get a real job. Go to Sufficient Grounds, get a really nice sandwich, go home, too tired to do anything, so just sleep pretty much.