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January 13, 2003

Snowboarding Adventures

I have triumphantly returned from my mountain adventure, having fallen on my ass more times than need mentioning. My ass & hands are incredibly sore, as is probably the rest of my body, if I could feel it. However, my trip to Lake Tahoe all in all went very well. There were no serious problems or mishaps, I returned in one piece, and it was very relaxing being away from everything for a couple of days. Thus, fun was had both on and off the mountain slopes.

Some highlights included:

  • During the gift exchange, the annoying guy that was pissing me off got my present, which made everything seem so much better.
  • I learned of a sweet trance song.
  • I went snowboarding for the first time ever.
  • I survived three waterfalls in kings after I was after a couple of heavy drinking frat boys! I didn't even steal anything or do anything dumb...I think.

So what happened during snowboarding, besides me falling and hurting my ass? Well, first day I jumped right into the mix, going on a relatively advanced green run. It took me almost an hour to descend that run, falling, sliding, and slipping down the hill.

I went again, with relatively little progress, and was so tired out and sore that I stopped for that day. The next day, I went on the bunny slopes and then the less advanced green runs for almost 4 hours (9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.), refusing to leave until I could descend all the slopes without falling once.

Having accomplished this, I once again (stupidly) went to the blue runs, and was scared shit-less the entire way down. Surprisingly I didn't fall too much during these runs, but that's only because I grinded the ENTIRE way down the hill and prayed I wouldn't fall or take someone else out.

Finally, I ended my second day with some more green runs, but I was so tired that I couldn't control my board and kept falling on purpose to rest. I opted out of the third day, to save both money and my body from further harm. And now here I am. Since coming home, I have finished up the skeleton of the newest version of my website, which is completely PHP driven. I'll be working on it more this week, prior to school starting.


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