Rohit's Realm - October 2003

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October 31, 2003

Trendy Since 2001

Tonight, Halloween Night 2003, marks the second anniversary of Two years ago, I uploaded the first version, a version so different that most people would not even recognize it. All it had was a brief biography, picture gallery made from HTML, and a quotes section. In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to make some major changes to the site, in my ever persistent desire to remain in congruity with current online trends.

October 12, 2003

Impulsive Bankruptcy

My spending has gotten out of control. No wait. Strike that. My spending has always been out of control. Just looking at what I've bought in the last few months makes my head spin - it's not the quantity or the price but the ratio of what I purchased to what I earned. When this ratio is close to 1, that's bad news ... bad news bears!

October 05, 2003

Adventures in Rockridge

I don't know if this is even going to be coherent, but I feel the need to recount the events of tonight, because tonight was so fun!!!! I went to Donna's party in her new place in Rockridge (where old people live) with Greg, Jason, and Garett. When we reached the party, we noticed that there were a lot of old people there. Not old like me, but old like Donna, Garett, and stuff - you know 21, 22, etc. Greg and Jason observed to one another that they didn't feel like they belonged - "We aren't even declared yet!" I thought that was pretty damn funny!

October 07, 2003

The Principles of Chaos

Let's just say that for whatever reason, hypothetically speaking of course, I wanted to teach a class that was the most chaotic class ever. So chaotic in fact, that it would teach the principles of chaos by the way it was administered. How would I go about doing this?

October 19, 2003

Impressions on Michael Moore

Michael Moore came to give a talk today at the Greek Theatre. I had been anticipating this event for a long time, not only because I think Michael Moore is awesome, but also because I was interested in what he would have to say about all the current happenings in politics. We waited in line starting at around 11:30am for the 1pm opening (which didn't actually start until 2pm, but that's entirely besides the point) and when we finally got in, we happened to sit down near one of the most obnoxious old couples ever. In fact, there seemed to be an extraordinarily high number of old people around. By old people, I do not mean those twenty-something people who are out of college. I mean like Gray Panther style folks, with canes and white hair and shit. They seemed to outnumber the students almost two to one from my rough estimates.

October 20, 2003

Inarticulate Incompetence

You know when people talk in a real clear tone and seem like they are making a very relevant point, but if you listen to the content, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Yup. That was today in IDS 130, where the topic was abortion and I came in expecting a slew of arguments for and against the topic. What I got instead was a poorly argued (on both sides) debate that made me leave thinking it would probably have been no loss if I had just decided to not attend lecture this week.

October 04, 2003

A Quarter-Life Crisis

I just turned 20 today. Or yesterday. Or whatever. You know what they say... your birthday is not over until you go to bed, right? So, technically, I am writing this entry on my birthday, even though it will show up as October 4th. The more important factor here is that number: 20... twenty... two decades.

October 24, 2003

Amorphous Rage

The ninth week of the semester, especially the fall semester, has always been a time when an intense and inexplicably hatred seems to overcome me. I had thought that with only 14 units and three real classes, perhaps I would not experience this wonderfully awful feeling this semester. However, Fall 2003 has proved to be no different than either Fall 2002 or Fall 2001, as I am right now completely and utterly drowning in anger and hatred. The worst part is, it isn't even directed at anyone or anything specifically. I just woke up this morning and I was angry. I didn't know why. I still don't. And now I can't stop being angry. I have a problem. Someone help me. Please?

October 28, 2003

Pennies From Hell

So those of you who know me, or have read some of my entries and know all there is to know, might realize that I'm a person who likes science and logic. In fact, I like it to the point of hating things that are not logical or scientific. But I have this one problem - a weakness, if you will. It's a deep rooted, highly illogical, and completely uncharacteristic allegience to stupid superstitions. I blame my father. It's really entirely his fault. Not all stupid superstitions, mind you. Just a few select stupid ones. One of these is the age old paradigm of lucky pennies being heads up. You know - the one that elementary school children tell one another. Yeah. I believe that one. Stop laughing, asshole!

October 18, 2003

The Urge to Be Indian

Friday night, I slept during the day for the first time in a long, long time. I hate napping during the day, because I inevitably wake up feeling more tired than I was before, and moreover, then I cannot fall asleep at night and this ruins my schedule for like four days, before I can restore my routine. In any case, I could not stay awake Friday afternoon and so I slept from 5 pm to about 7:30 pm. I woke up craving Indian food badly. I had not eaten any Indian food in months so I guess this explained the craving.

October 10, 2003

Death to Dryers!

There hasn't been a bad laundromat incident in almost seven months now. Last spring I had a series of awful experiences at laundromats, such as this one, this one, and this one. The main reason for the lack of bad experiences is that I moved to Unit 3 in May and have been doing laundry at the relatively sheltered Unit 3 laundry facility ever since then, which is not frequented by bums as is the University Ave. Laundromat. Nevertheless, I have learned a new sort of pain and come to the conclusion that I will never be able to complete a load of laundry without something bad happening.

October 26, 2003

Very Holden Caulfield

I had a very Holden Caulfield moment today, and no, it did not have anything to do with prostitutes. For those of you who have had your head up up your ass for however many years, Holden Caulfield is the main character of The Catcher in the Rye, every teenager's favorite novel, and JD Salinger's classic angst-ridden adolescent.