Rohit's Realm - August 2005

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August 11, 2005

Prozac for the People

Although summer time is usually a happy time for most people, I'm sure everyone goes through a slump despite the warm, sunny days and temperate evenings, for one reason or another. Perhaps that summer fling you were hoping for hasn't materialized, or maybe, that summer fling you just had worked a little bit too well, and now you need to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend who was abroad for the summer about it. Or maybe you're just someone who has a lot to be depressed about, regardless of the season. Regular readers of my site probably remember my post on the unusual antidepressant from last year, and hopefully find solace in it, but for all you unenlightened folks, I'm going take this opportunity to discuss another avenue for finding happiness and self-confidence in this dog-eat-dog world trying very hard to destroy both.

August 16, 2005

Business and Bums

Say hi to the new, improved Rohit: the one who wakes up at 6 a.m. and sleeps at 11 p.m., religiously; the one who wears expensive dress shirts and even more expensive dress shoes; the one who carries a briefcase and standard-issue IBM laptop; the one who rides to work on the MUNI with a countless number of other yuppies, white iPod earphones showing unabashedly; the one who spends his days in the airports and nights in corporate hotels. Yes, that's right ladies and gentleman: Say hi to Rohit—the newly inducted faceless businessman.

August 09, 2005

Etiquette for the I-5

As anyone who has ever had the distinct displeasure of having to be in a car with me in traffic probably already knows, I hate senseless traffic. In fact, there are few things in this world that frustrate me more than having to sit in traffic, especially if it's not at at time when one would expect there to be excessive traffic. Driving to San Francisco from Orange County today, I was reminded of two things: first, there is a reason I hate Los Angeles, and second, someone should really invent an idiot-seeking missile.

August 25, 2005

Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta. You know, where the playas play, and they ride on them things like every day. Not so much? Well, how about big beats, hit streets, gangstas roamin' and definitely where the party don't stop 'til 8 in the mornin'. Still nothing? Well, I guess you simply have to be in Atlanta, Georgia to really experience them things. And while I wouldn't say my first week (of several) in ATL has been exactly as our good friend Jermaine Dupri suggested it might be, I would definitely venture that he wasn't too off in his description.