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August 25, 2005

Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta. You know, where the playas play, and they ride on them things like every day. Not so much? Well, how about big beats, hit streets, gangstas roamin' and definitely where the party don't stop 'til 8 in the mornin'. Still nothing? Well, I guess you simply have to be in Atlanta, Georgia to really experience them things. And while I wouldn't say my first week (of several) in ATL has been exactly as our good friend Jermaine Dupri suggested it might be, I would definitely venture that he wasn't too off in his description.

I arrived in Atlanta on Sunday, greeted by an intense heat and humidity that I had not experienced in several years, and quite frankly, was not looking forward to in any way, especially coming from the anything-but-sunny city of San Francisco. The first few days, including this one, have felt like starting college all over again. How, though, you might wonder, can corporate America feel like college? Isn't college essentially the anti-thesis of corporate America? Well, yes and no. Here are some of my observations regarding this subject:

  • The first night in Atlanta, large packs of people ventured into the night in the determined pursuit of alcohol. This is not unlike Welcome Week of freshman year, except this time, frat parties weren't the main source of intoxication.
  • I have a roommate. Like, someone I share a room with. What? It's been four years since that was last the case.
  • I've been meeting more people then I could ever hope to remember. The introduction (almost identical to my one in Deutsch Hall in 2001) - Hi, I'm Rohit. I'm originally from Orange County, just graduated Cal, and will be working out of the San Francisco office.
  • Every night is a party night.
  • Groups and cliques are forming; people are getting sexiled; love, gossip, bullshit is in the air.
  • There is always more food available than anyone should realistically consume.

I suppose I could go on, but anyone who has been through a Welcome Week probably knows exactly what I'm talking about, and anyone who hasn't probably wouldn't ever understand. Despite the similarities with college, the work world is also very distinct in the fact that it is less comfortable, less personal, and largely superficial. Notwithstanding the omnipresence of social lubrication, I have definitely remained much more reserved and cogniscent of the environment than I remember Welcome Week at Cal.

The harsh reality that hovers over me (and I suspect over my coworkers as well) is the implicit iron curtain between the professional and the personal, and more specifically, the requirement of the business world that these two worlds remain separate, at least to a certain degree. For instance, I have yet to have a serious discussion on any of the taboo subjects (sex, religion, and politics) and moreover, have no intention of bringing up any one of these issues. Yet, in certain ways, it is impossible to really know someone without discussing these very issues. I had always heard from people (my parents, friends, television) that your work life will always be different than your personal life, but it was still very surprising to come to this conclusion on my own, especially having spent the last four years in various jobs where the distinction between the personal and the professional often, if not always, was blurred.

In any case, what can all you who reside in my personal sphere expect from me, as I return from Atlanta? Well, probably not much. I don't think I will be changing much, simply adding another (secret) identity, known as Work Rohit. Oh yeah, I might return a few pounds heavier too - I have already gained five in as many days. The horror! By the way, in the next few years, if you ever need to know where I am, this site should prove very useful.


Cody is looking for some spinnerz for his ride and I heard the Dirty SOUF makes the best. Maybe you should pick him up a set?

And remember to wear a white wife beater and bring a white t-shirt to swing around over your head in clubs. You are going to ATL clubs right?

dont get aids. =)

You'll be surprised how many times I have felt like I am lacking a white t-shirt to swing around my head here in Atlanta; it's definitely not just a club phenomenon.

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