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September 05, 2005

Rest in Peace

It is with a heavy heart and a wavering voice that I must announce the passing of a dear friend last night at my housewarming party. On September 4, 2005, at about 4 pm, my tried and true digital camera, a stalwart companion throughout my undergraduate years at Cal, took its last picture, before the lens falling out of the socket rendered it nonoperational.

Even as I write this, I must hold back tears looking at the prostrated and desperate mass of electronics and plastics that was once my most trusty gadget. I suppose the previous sentence has left you all wondering how I can be so emotional about an electronic device when I cannot even muster this much emotion for the people in my life, but to understand my sadness I think you must first understand the history of our relationship.

I bought my camera in November 2001 at South Coast Plaza while on Thanksgiving break during my freshman year. It was about $500 then, and I paid in cash, using the money I had earned from my recently acquired job as a Computing Assistant at Unit 1. Since that fateful day I decided to make my purchase, this camera has traveled with me across the world, visiting numerous countries and countless parties, faithfully recording thousands of priceless memories that now comprise my extensive photo gallery. More important than the memories that will indubitably last a lifetime, however, was the camera's sturdy performance in the face of nearly insurmountable adversity, ranging from frequent droppings to innumerable beverage spills. I have frequently been quoted as saying that my camera takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', and this proved to be true to the very last moment of its life.

Many people have already asked me about my other two cameras, the N80 film SLR and the recently acquired D70 digital SLR, but really, that's not even a question worth asking. The purpose of my SLRs was completely different than that of the Olympus, and neither could ever replace the other. I have also been asked whether I'll be purchasing a new point-and-shoot digital, to which I must say, yes, but not yet, because it's much too soon. The mourning period will probably last the duration of my trip in Atlanta, after which I will begin considering a replacement. Suggestions and recommendations are very welcome.

To close this rather incoherent eulogy, I'd just like to take a moment of silence for one of the fundamental pillars of the Rohit's Realm online experience. This may not be my last camera or even my most powerful, but it will definitely always be the first and the best.


Pictures of the party will be uploaded shortly.

I would recommend the Canon S series. They're very portable and some limited manual features allow you to shoot some images without the bulkiness of an SLR.

Canon G-G-G-G-G-G Series because G Unit would use it or something.

I'd go with what Jen suggested. The S series is nice and they have a really nifty new one that is slim as a mofo and has a nice large LCD on the back. I've been very happy with all my Canon gear so far.

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