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March 09, 2007

One Thousand Words

As the old aphorism goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is particularly true when talking about Unfortunately, due to my recent battle with existential angst and a bout of all-around somnolence, no photos have made it to my web site in almost four months to complement my mostly irrelevant writings. Today, I remedied that, so those of you tired of reading my mindless verbosity can revel instead in good, old-fashioned drinking and debauchery that is almost synonymous with the Realm..

Vijay, Rohit, Garett, and Phil at OTBN
T-Third St. MUNI Stop
Big Game 2006

Here are some highlight's from the past few months, in roughly reverse chronological order:

  • After reading about an annual holiday instituted by the venerable Wall Street Journal, Garett and I were inspired to celebrate Open That Bottle Night at our apartment in San Francisco in February. We invited a small handful of fellow San Franciscans for a night of wine, cheese, and old Nintendo games; the only requirement was that each guest bring us a bottle of their favorite wine. Lots of wine (and thus, fun) was had that night, and all in all, it was a great success. Look for us to continue this awesome tradition in years to come. On a related note, why the hell is there no Wikipedia entry for OTBN? Come on people. I thought Wikipedia had all the world's knowledge. Apparently not.
  • Upon hearing about recent opening of the T-Third MUNI line running to Bay View/Hunter's Point, Garett and I decided to be the touristy assholes that we are and ride the line all the way to the end, where ever that may take us. And no, we were not scouting for the next district in San Francisco to gentrify. The original plan was to get off at the end of the line and grab lunch at a local establishment, but unfortunately, our flak vests did not arrive in time, so we just rode to the end and then returned.
  • The last set of photos I added were from last year's Cal-Stanford Big Game. Though the game itself sucked, we did end up meeting up with a lot of old school CalSO folks. The pictures are here.

Of course, this most recent upload does not include photos from my trip to Europe this winter, but I hope to catch up with photo processing this month. On an unrelated note, I'm off to L.A. for the weekend, so look forward to more pictures in the coming days.



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