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April 02, 2008

The Spring Break That Was Neither

Spring Break. The phrase conjures up images of warm, tropical beaches, scantily-clad women, and tequila—lots and lots of tequila—in your mind, does it not? Unfortunately for me, I sort of hate the beach (despite having spent a little less than half my life in (the) O.C.), have already been to such destinations as Cancún and Miami, and in any case, stand no chance with scantily-clad women of any sort, no matter how much tequila they may have consumed. Instead, I chose to spend my break on a bicoastal whirlwind tour that left me perhaps more tired than before. And considering that today was probably the first day where it was both sunny and above 45° F here in Chicago, one might say that my so-called Spring Break was neither spring nor a break.

San Francisco

I discussed much of my trip to San Francisco earlier. To summarize, it was awesome getting to see old friends and familiar sites, but much irritation still remains: the roads still aren't paved, the MUNI still isn't privatized, and the 'Loin still has not been taken (back). The maladjusted boys of 1524 had to put our mayoral campaign on hold back in July (since both me and G-Unit moved out of the city), but after seeing the abomination of our visionary San Francisco platform lying in the dustbin of bureaucratic ineptitude, we have vowed to return. 2012 or bust!

Los Angeles and the 'Vine

My trip to Los Angeles and the 'Vine is hardly worth mention. I spent both days I was there at home, doing pretty much nothing. In retrospect, a great decision on my part, given how the remainder of the break would turn out.

San Francisco (Again)

I flew back to SF on Friday and ended my trip with a bang (quite literally). Glorious return to 540 Club (our old trivia spot) with Garett, happy hour at One Market and Harrington's, dinner at some Indian spot in the 'Loin, Whiskey Thieves, and finally, the Mission. Cancún Taquería (19th/Mission) might have been as close as I came to the Tropics, but it was well worth it. I absolutely love that place.


The flight back to Chicago was, needless to say, long and rough, given our adventures the previous night. Moreover, leaving the gorgeous sunshine in San Francisco, and landing at O'Hare to snow on the ground and 24° F was soul-crushing. Why did I leave California again?

The couple days I spent in Chicago were relaxing though. I left the house only a couple times, watched a good season-and-a-half of The West Wing, and in general, had a chance to sit in the dark while contemplating the meaninglessness of life and my own material worthlessness in this world. That was good. I need to do that every so often; deleveraging the personal brand, and all. You know how that goes. Or maybe you do not. What does it matter? Life is worthless.

New York

Considering I had not been to New York in over ten years, and moreover, since I have both friends and family there, I thought heading over for a few days would be a good way to spend the tail end of my break. All in all, it was a great success.

Though it was a hectic and busy trip of lunches, dinners, and drinks with various friends from high school and college, along with day-long interludes to my uncle's place in Queens (I am Queens Blvd!) and New Haven, Conn. (primarily to pay back G-Unit for his ruining my life back in January), I enjoyed it immensely. The weather was nice, and I managed to forget about my (so-called) real life entirely.

In fact, I forgot so much, that this first week back in school has been particularly difficult. I have never found it hard to get back in the grind, but perhaps that's because I so very rarely really leave it.

In any case, my insincere apologies for the length and relative banality of this post. I realize I have not been writing much this year, but not to worry, dear readers; I have many new ideas and hopefully will start cranking through them this coming weekend. Something to look forward to, I suppose (in an otherwise meaningless existence). Then again, maybe I flatter myself.


As I recall, one of your ex-girlfriends noted on this blog last year that you used to be the guy who was more interested in organic chemistry than her in a bathing suit (or something like that). If so, are you the one who stands no chance with scantily-clad women, or is it they who stand no chance with you (since you're too busy thinking about some arcane computer shit to notice them)?

Regardless, the thought of you on a beach in Cancun standing annoyed while surrounded by a bunch of drunk coeds is highly amusing. Talk about ironic value.

Katie is correct. See here, Lisa @ 11:48. Apparently Rohit found an enantiomer (wtf?) more sexy than her in a bathing suit.

So the enantiomer, was that the R or the S? (And Rohit, I am purposely evoking the tone of "Is that the red, or the white?")

It was good to see you, although I prefer our friendship to be virtual. Even when drinking.

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