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July 06, 2008

Vindication at Long Last

Almost two years ago, I wrote an impassioned article about the deplorable condition of the roads in San Francisco, Calif., imploring the incompetent many charged with the city's upkeep to do something—anything—about it. When nothing became of my cries for help (as nothing should, considering the trivial and marginalized existence that I lead), the disaffected boys of 1524 released the San Francisco Platform to rectify the gross injustices that faced our venerable city. The first priority was to pave the roads (assholes), followed closely by flushing the 'Loin clean of the failed human beings that currently inhabit it (Taking Back the 'Loin), and privatizing the much-hated MUNI system (of which, more here and here).

Though our mayoral challenge imploded in a tepid burst of complacence and unplanned life events (no, no one impregnated anyone; both G-Unit and I moved across the country to go to graduate school), at long last, we have found vindication for all the blood, sweat, and tears that we expended. As P-Diddy pointed out today, our fight has not been in vain. The roads in SF are finally being paved!

Of course, some might argue this development is too little, too late, considering that I have not resided in San Francisco in over a year, nor am I sure when I will return. Nonetheless, this is a moral victory for 1524, one of many to come I hope. Moreover, there remains much to do. The roads may be getting paved, but the 'Loin is still a cesspool of human garbage, and the MUNI is still easily the worst system in the States. One prong of our noble platform has been fulfilled (assuming those in charge do not bungle it—a generous assumption); two remain incomplete.

A battle has been won, but the war continues. Insane bums and inept bureaucrats: you are next.


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